Pickles have managed to make their way into much of the food industry, and the popsicle world has been no exception. In early 2021, frequent client Kent Precision Foods Group unveiled PKLfreeze™, a dill-pickle-flavored freezer pop that offers electrolyte replenishment. As with any new product, though, there would always be the initial challenge of increasing brand recognition and consumer interest without the foundation of name familiarity.

Mindvolt was brought on to helm PKLfreeze™’s debut on social media, from design (both packaging and web) to incredible video graphics to social media. This latter role eventually expanded to an ongoing one.



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In collaboration with Symbolic, a stellar video ad was created to showcase the shockingly refreshing power of PKLfreeze™. This video, as well as multiple photoshoots with Armosa Studios, would become integral to the initial brand awareness campaign launched on Facebook and Instagram.

Building brand awareness from scratch is no easy task, but from its inception on April 1, 2021, to September 30, 2021, the PKLfreeze™ brand has reached over 417k people on Facebook and over 53k people on Instagram. Both organic and paid posts cover a range of topics, from the sports world (juvenile, teens, and adults) to general lifestyle to even mixology.

Of course, pickle pops are already a polarizing idea, which meant that any responses to social media advertising had to be handled appropriately. The posts themselves sometimes garnered comments of disgust, but there were many commenters interested in the product and tagging fellow users to check it out, a definite win when it comes to social media advertising.

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While still a relatively new brand name, PKLfreeze™ has made itself known to pickle aficionados. The mere fact that its Amazon listing sold out multiple times is evidence enough. Sometimes, a product is just too dill-icious to pass up!

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