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 Mindvolt has almost five years of specialized marketing experience in the restaurant delivery service industry. Our partnership with GrubSouth has grown and developed over time, involving a wide range of creative projects and skill sets. Check out some of our areas of expertise below!

Social Media

From Facebook to TikTok, our team will help you navigate the murky waters of social media. Whether you need help increasing brand awareness or launching a new feature of your service, Mindvolt can utilize both organic and paid social media to maximize your business’s reach.


Just because you’re local doesn’t mean you can’t have some top-notch creative advertising at your service. From script to storyboard to final product, our team will help bring your vision to life. Check out one of our spots for GrubSouth—it’s not a doorbell, it’s a dinnerbell!

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be scary, but it has proven to be one of the most beneficial and highly converting avenues for marketing any business, including restaurant delivery services. The Mindvolt team has years of experience in email marketing platforms, particularly Mailchimp. We’ll work with your team to ensure your customers know when a new restaurant has been added to your service, if there’s a great new deal on the horizon, or if there’s a fun giveaway to enter!

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