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Poarch Band of Creek Indians Annual Thanksgiving Pow Wow

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians’s Annual Thanksgiving Pow Wow has been a longstanding tradition for over forty years. A new branding and marketing campaign was launched to help the annual celebration increase attendance numbers.



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Pow Wow Poster Design
Pow Wow Poster Design

Brand Identity

In the fall of 2016, Mindvolt was brought on to create an event campaign to better the Pow Wow and generate interest to potentially boost attendance. The event campaign would rely heavily on social media (paid & organic) along with more traditional support from broadcast, digital outdoor, and print.

The tribe desperately needed assistance in reaching out to potential attendees through social media. While this can be a time-consuming task, it is an incredibly important one in today’s communication climate. Most recently, Mindvolt’s role has grown from social media ad campaign manager to overall social media manager for the event’s Facebook and Instagram during the months surrounding the event.

Pow Wow Branding and Identity Examples

Social Media

Attendees of any pow wow will be struck by the beauty inherent in the traditional dances on display. Capturing this beauty was first and foremost when it came to promoting an event like the Thanksgiving Pow Wow. Mindvolt teamed up with High 5 Productions to encapsulate this moving history through striking photography and powerful video, going on to use this imagery in both social media ads as well as eye-catching billboards.

While running social media ads was a consistent component of Mindvolt’s involvement in promoting the pow wow, 2018 saw the organic management role become even more demanding, which posts going out far after the event’s close to help keep the memories of the event fresh in attendees’ minds. Customer service, such as answering questions, turned out to be one of the most important aspects of managing the page, especially in regards to identifying the location, time and costs of the event.


Facebook page likes increase since 2016 (6946 to 12,930)

Average Facebook event responses for last three pow wows

Poarch Creek social screenshot
poarch creek facebook post
Poarch Creek facebook post
Image of Poarch Creek Pow Wow
Poarch Creek Pow Wow